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Emeka Mbadiwe



Emeka Mbadiwe is a Storyteller, and tells his stories mainly through film.

His gifting is in the ability to create stories that abruptly captivate people and stir their emotions.


He has written and directed over 20 short films, many of which have gained millions of views on social media, with the highest viewed short film called Found Dead, hitting over 10.6 million views on Facebook.


Emeka has also written and directed a feature film currently on Amazon Prime Called, Lock Down Love. His latest release is his new relationship questions card game called Same Page, which is available on Amazon and the App available on the App store.

His highly anticipated 6-episode Web-Series entitled,

Bear Fruit has won an audience award from the Audience Awards Film Festival with 1,690 votes for the most anticipated web-series in a pre-production category. 


Emeka focuses on creating films that inspire, educate, encourage and motivate his viewers to have hope.
His card game
Same Page was designed to save relationships everywhere, help people avoid wasting time and help prevent heartache and pain.

(See video below)







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