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Emeka Mbadiwe                Bio



Emeka Mbadiwe is a Philanthropist, Filmmaker, and Author.

His gifting is in the ability to create stories that abruptly captivate people and stir their emotions.


He has written and directed over 20 short films, many of which have gained millions of views on social media, with the highest-viewed short film entitled, Found Dead, reaching over 30 million views on Facebook.

The short film can now be viewed on Amazon Prime.

Emeka has also written and directed a feature film currently on Amazon Prime Called, Lock Down Love.


His latest release is a book on relationships

entitled, Win In Relationships. The perfect guide

to learning everything you need to know

in order to have a successful and thriving relationship.


His card game app entitled, Same Page is derived from the book

and contains every question that should be mandatory to be asked

before engaging in any relationship with anyone.







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