Emeka is clearly a man to reach out and lead the youth. He is deeply concerned with the lives of teenagers and encourages them through all their endeavors. - Mikko Baylosis

Emeka delivers his messages in many ways, the most compelling way to me is through his use of film and production." -Schwartzen Jarmond

“Emeka is in touch with this generation and knows how to reach them with his thought provoking and intuitive examples” - Rev. Sue Illiano


Emeka is a seasoned youth leader with a dynamic teaching style that is totally engaging, covers a wide range of topics relative to current teen challenges and encourages student interaction in the learning process. - Cameron Mills

"Emeka been there, see it, done it, correct his mistakes and has advice for it." – Arian Sterling


The way Emeka delivers his speeches to teens helps students to recognize and realize the importance of the topic . The delivery of his speech does not only contribute to the comprehension but helps to promote the subject of the speech.- Natasha Burgess

Emeka's interpersonal skills are top notch. He definitely knows how to speak to his audience and convey his ideologies to the utmost extent. – Jacob Solanski


''Mr Mbadiwe can relate to the youth of today. He does a magnificent job through his charisma, media, and speeches." – Melody Casado 

"Emeka knows how to change and alter the minds of his audience so much it'll captivate your mind. With every word he says you'll find yourself drawn in and eager to listen." -Destiny Bernard


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